Chinese companies buying robotics companies overseas are taking it to the next level

Introduction of trading

Another Chinese company has completed an overseas acquisition of a robot company, and the pace of Chinese companies’ overseas deployment of advanced manufacturing is still accelerating.It recently finished the play of EPISTOLIO S.R.L, an Italian EPISTOLIO of oil and gas.Under the agreement, Seymour Electric formally completed its 40% stake in the Italian robotics and automation equipment company through its wholly owned subsidiary Xuzhou Ceste Technology Co., Ltd. with 3.5 million euros (about 27 million yuan) of its own funds.The two parties will jointly invest in the establishment of a joint venture company in China to explore the Chinese and Southeast Asian markets.

Epistolio S.R.L. retained Seta Capital, the Epistolio of Epistolio, to play the game as an exclusive seller’s adviser.

Introduction of the underlying

To Epistolio S.R.L, a typical “small and beautiful” European family business, played at the Epistolio of Varese, Lombardy, late last week.The company’s main products include six-axis spraying robots, weight sensing feeding systems and other automation equipment.Epistolio master the core technology of software, hardware and terminal application in the robot and automatic feeding system.Our products are widely used in automobile manufacturing, aviation, furniture, building materials and other industrial fields.Clients include famous Airbus Group, Fiat Fiat Auto Group, Costa Crociere Costa Costa Cruises, Ferretti yachts.

Buyer’s strategy

Seymour Electric is A listed company.The strategic objective of the company’s acquisition of Epistolio isto provide a comprehensive solution for the intellectualization of the factory.Make use of the existing business basis, layout intelligent bulk material factory, expand and expand intelligent business fields including automobile, 3C industry and other industries with high intelligent requirements.This acquisition Epistolio lands initial 40% stake is the company’s overseas strategy, the investment, the company will with Epistolio joint venture in China, the two sides respectively using related quality resources, play their own advantages, to carry out intelligent manufacturing and other business cooperation, open international markets, improve company’s internationalization level at the same time, further improve to accelerate its implementation factory intelligent industry layout and development in the field of intelligent manufacturing.

A review of Overseas robot acquisitions by Chinese companies

It is a strategic roadmap for many Chinese enterprises to acquire overseas enterprises to explore new markets and introduce cutting-edge technologies.Since becoming the world’s largest industrial robot market in 2013, the investment and merger wave in the domestic robot industry continues to heat up.The table below consolidates Chinese acquisitions of overseas robot companies this year.

As one of the bases of advanced manufacturing industry in the world, Europe has many small and medium-sized enterprises with innovative core technologies.Among them, the development level of northern Italy in the field of robotics and automation is no less than that of Switzerland and Germany.More importantly, Compared with Germany, France, Switzerland and other countries, Italian companies and governments are more friendly to Chinese investors, which greatly reduces the transaction risks of the acquisition of Italian companies.In fact, In recent years, Italy has been one of the biggest destinations for Chinese companies to acquire overseas, and it is also far ahead in terms of the number of acquisitions of robot and automation companies.

Overseas acquisition + Chinese joint venture model

A growing number of Chinese companies are incorporating terms and strategic arrangements for buyers and sellers to jointly fund joint ventures in China into overseas acquisitions.In fact, the arrangement of setting up a joint venture with the joint contribution of both parties (especially the part of the contribution of the seller from the income of the counterparty) provides a hidden option for the transaction, which is conducive to the realization of interest binding and lays a foundation for long-term and stable cooperation.From the seller’s point of view, many European small and medium-sized business owners are aware of the importance of the Chinese market, but do not have the financial and human resources to develop the Chinese market alone because their companies have long been controlled and operated by their families.Therefore, the strategic intention of the seller can be achieved by establishing a joint venture while selling the equity and by complementing the resources of both parties to jointly develop the Chinese market.

About Seta Capital

As the exclusive seller’s financial advisor, Seta Capital provided the Seller with professional advisory services in the transaction, including strategy formulation, buyer search, due diligence completion, negotiation of transaction terms, closing of the equity acquisition and establishment of a joint venture in China.Headquartered in milan, Italy, Seta matter Capital, knowledge Capital is a company focusing on cross-border advisory services, with rich experience in the industry, extensive network and excellent execution, in cross-border investment, mergers and acquisitions, joint venture cooperation and overseas business development framework for our customers to bridge between Asia and Europe.Certus has an experienced international team with offices in Europe and Shanghai, China, providing customers with professional advice and mature solutions.We are committed to exploring the value of overseas investments, mergers and acquisitions, business cooperation and expansion, and other international businesses to help our clients achieve their strategic goals.With a strong engineering and technical background, our team is able to accurately understand the development trends and industry dynamics of manufacturing and industry, and capture and grasp investment and development opportunities for customers in advanced industries.

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