Tommaso Lazzari is a Board Member Candidate for the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce

Tommaso Lazzari 2022
Board Member Candidate

Dear all,
I am writing this statement to explain why this year I am putting my name forward to be a candidate for the CICC in the Shanghai area.
The CICC and its management team have done a great job these years to grow the associates base and to structure the activities for its members, but I feel that now it has arrived a time to build a stronger connection with the Local Chinese industrial companies and the local governments that in the Chinese economy are leading the pack for the industrial and service development.

As such the actions where I would like to focus my efforts if elected as a Board Member are:

1- Building a stronger bond with local authorities and local companies leveraging on the existing connections of Seta Capital and proactively seek new ones;

2- Create brochures of CICC associates divided by sectors and expertise, make them publicly available and actively promote them in the Chinese business community;

3- Create an objective priority system in the CICC agenda not driven by politics, collecting Working Groups requests and ranking them by importance, impact on the Italian companies and financial implications;

4- Promote a gender equal environment within the CICC events, working groups and panels;

5- Engage in the tackle actions related to Covid restrictions within China and from Italy to China;

6- Gather interest and test feasibility of an Italian full time school in Shanghai.

I am looking forward to having your support in the upcoming elections in order to work towards these goals and benefit the members of CICC and the organization itself.

Above my video presentation